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Rules of Engagement

Thank you for taking the step to join Self-Taught Academy community.

In today’s world with rising cases of mental health distress, we strive to create a safe space where our members feel comfortable to freely share and inquire for educative information.

In order to maintain a professional exchange, there are strict engagement rules that have to be adhered to, failure to which, your account will be permanently deleted and barred from joining the Self Taught Academy Platform.

1. Identify yourself: You are encouraged to, when participating in discussions, use your preferred first real name and Initial of your last name. DO NOT impersonate another person or suggest any connection to another person or organization that you are NOT affiliated to.

2. Be respectful, courteous and appropriate – You adhere to posting mindful comments and constructive feedback to your fellow peers on the forum. You will refrain from sharing suggestive links from external websites, as well as posting or uploading hateful, obscene, derogatory or blasphemous content. You will also NOT post information that is defamatory to another person’s character or invade on their privacy.

3. NO Spamming: You adhere to NOT interfere with ongoing discussions by posting meaningless or repetitive messages, as well as avoid posting links that contain viruses that interfere with another members ability to participate in the discussion forums.

4. NO copyright infringement: You adhere to not posting copyrighted material or content without permission from the content owner.

5. NO solicitation: You agree to refrain from sending any bulk unsolicited advertising, promotional information, commercial email or other solicitation (including, but not limited to junk mail, chain letters or pyramid schemes of any sort) to any person through the forum.

6. Comply with the Engagement Rules: You FULLY accept and agree to follow each engagement rule. You can also, but not obliged to, report any member who is not following the rules and potentially pauses a threat to your wellbeing or those of others. You also FULLY accept the consequences (permanently barred) of not following the engagement rules.


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